Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Opening up Windows Explorer to default to My Computer, instead of Libraries

One thing that has bothered me of late going back and forth several operating systems, is  that Windows Explorer defaults to Libraries all the time, instead of my favoured My Computer layout.

So I've done something about it at last and made Windows Explorer default to My Computer.

Here's the steps -

Click on the Start Button, and enter 'Windows Explorer' in the search programs and files box.  Move the mouse to where Windows Explorer has been found in the search box and right click on Windows Explorer.  Then click on properties.

Now, look at the 'Target' box and right at the end of %windir%\explorer.exe, add a space and two quotation marks ("").

The Target should now read %windir%\explorer.exe "".

Click on apply, and then OK.

The next time you hit Windows Explorer, you should be directed to My Computer as opposed to the Libraries boxes.

NOTE - You can also set up the target to open up whatever you desire.  SImply don't add the double quaotations (""), but just add the relevant path, and Windows Explorer will open it to that.

For example, if I wanted Windows Explorer to point to the C: drive just type %windir%\explorer.exe C: as the target.  If you want to open up a specific folder, then that can be done also, for example D:\Setup can be accessed by typing %windir%\explorer.exe D:\Setup in the target path!

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