Monday, 5 November 2012

Gmail Becomes World's Top Email Service

by - source: GigaOM





Google's email service received 287.9 million unique worldwide visitors in October.

Google's Gmail has overtaken Hotmail as the world's most-used email service, according to website traffic tracker ComScore.

Data released by ComScore confirmed that Gmail experienced 287.9 million unique worldwide visitors last month, while Microsoft's Hotmail received 286.2 million unique visitors during the period. Following Hotmail in third place was Yahoo, boasting 281.7 million unique visitors, according to ComScore.

Comparatively, Yahoo enjoyed 76.7 million unique visitors in the United States, while Gmail was second with 69.1 million and Hotmail with 35.5 million.

ComScore's figures quashes any doubt that Google is the world's top email service provider. In the summer of 2011, Google claimed to be the largest email service based on internal numbers, but the search engine giant didn't back up its claim with third-party data.

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